Even though Jesus 12 24 has gone, you can still purchase the packet of 12 awesome, diverse, and passionate talks/Q&As we saw live on the day. Click here to buy.

We are also planning more events in the future, so check out what we did and why below :)


how does this work?

We all love (parts of) conferences. Getting to hear incredible speakers engage with topics that matter to us, offering fresh insights, blowing our minds with their passion and knowledge. We love the chance of getting to hear from someone we wouldn't normally get the chance to hear. You know the parts we don't tend to love? Travel, expenses, awkward small talk, having to get out of our comfy clothes. Jesus 12 24 is all the best parts of a conference, at a very reasonable price. With being online we are able to cut down on costs as we cut down on emissions, so we're gathering a worldwide lineup that you'd never normally be able to get in one place at one time.  Not only that, Jesus 12 24 is the only conference where you can decide to bail the day before and still get all the great content delivered to you later. Reach out to ucamacuni@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

Jesus 12 24 is a one day (24hour) web conference. 12 different speakers will be talking and engaging with Q&A, each will provide a unique, fascinating, important, and passionate take on Jesus. We would love if you would join us, there are two ways to engage... 


Watch LIVE

You can log in live and watch as much as you want as it unfolds online. This way you'll be able to message and tweet questions #Jesus1224 and experience the theological wonder in realtime. 

Watch Later

If you can't watch any (or watch all) live that's no problem. After the conference you'll be sent the video and audio files of each talk/Q&A so you can watch and re-watch to you heart's content.


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We are running the conference using ZOOM. When you purchase your ticket you will receive a link to join the web conference on the day - click through the link to have it registered and validated. This is also how we'll have your email to send you through the files after the day.

About the Organisers

Uniting Church Chaplaincy, Macquarie University

We seek to cultivate a responsible faith through community and by learning from a range of voices - empowering a lived faithfulness that desires to embody the hopes of God.

The chaplaincy is part of the Uniting Church in Australia, and is present on Macquarie University in Sydney. We have been building an online ministry over the past few years. Undertaking recently a number of interviews with renowned theologians and practitioners that can be viewed here. Jesus 12 24 is the next step in this online engagement and we hope you'll join us, wherever you are in the world, whatever stage of life. As one of our earliest tag lines read, we hope to empower and authentic faith: on campus, for life.

The chaplaincy team is led by...

Liam Miller

Liam is married to Heather, soon to be a father, and will never stop looking for a chance to talk about Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra.

He is currently completing an M.Div. through Pilgrim Theological College (part of the University of Divinity), and his writing/talks/videos/interviews can be found at http://www.loverinserepeat.com/ 

You can also reach out on Twitter

Richard La'Brooy

Richard sees more theatre than almost anyone you know, he is a whisky enthusiast, and has a habit of finding his way onto a whole array of committees. 

He is studying secondary education through Macquarie University and his writings on theatre and theology can be read at http://www.theatreandtheos.com/

You can also reach out on Twitter