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We are so excited that Mihee Kim-Kort is speaking at Jesus 12 24 that we are giving away a copy of her book, Making Paper Cranes: Towards an Asian American Feminist Theology. If you buy a ticket to Jesus 12 24 before midnight February 12 you'll go in the running to win a copy! Not only that, but the $30AUD (approx. $23US) ticket also gives you access to 24 hour online conference where 12 speakers (including Mihee Kim-Kort) will offer unique and passionate takes on Jesus. Check out our about page for more on the conference, and have a glance at our immense line up of speakers along with their fascinating topics. Remember that you can watch the conference live wherever you are (Feb 18, 9am - Feb 19am AEDT // Feb 17, 5pm - Feb 18, 5pm) or watch later, because all ticket holders will be sent video/audio files of all talks and Q&As. Good luck! Winners notified by email.


Mihee Kim-Kort

Mihee Kim-Kort is an ordained Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister with degrees in divinity and theology from Princeton Theological Seminary and English Literature and Religious Studies from the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder. Currently she juggles various jobs including being a wife to another Presbyterian minister, raising three children, ministering to college students as the staff person for UKIRK @ IU, youth ministry on the side, itinerant preaching, writing, rabble-rousing in Bloomington, and liking too many posts on Facebook and admiring people on Twitter and Instagram.

She is the author of Making Paper Cranes: Towards an Asian American Feminist TheologyStreams Run Uphill: Conversations with Young Clergy Women of Color, and, along with her husband Andrew Kort, Yoked: Stories of a Clergy Couple in Marriage, Family and Ministry. She also has the forthcoming, Queering Jesus: A Faithful Orientation


Topic for Jesus 12 24

Church as Sanctuary:  Enacting Radical Hospitality and Welcome

What does it mean for the church to be sanctuary? With all that is happening in recent news around immigration and refugees what are ways we as church can think more radically about welcome, sanctuary, and hospitality? Mihee Kim-Kort will talk about the sanctuary movement in the US, and more broadly what radical hospitality looks like as a faith value and action, sanctuary as a motif for care and refuge, and an expression of social justice. as well as the ways we can do this in meaningful ways in our community.


Making Paper Cranes

Drawing on memories of making paper cranes with her mother at the kitchen table, Mihee Kim-Kort begins with one of her favorite stories from childhood about the tradition of making a thousand cranes. Intrigued by the symbol of the crane, she explores the migrations and movements of the community of Asian American women. What results is a theological endeavor that engages the social histories, literary texts, and narratives of Asian American women as well as the constructive theologies of feminist and liberation theologians. But, it is ultimately one young woman’s embrace of living into this community and identity, and articulating a particular theology that is hopefully accessible to all who have experienced powerlessness and marginalization.