Conference begins:

(Aust.) AEDT - Saturday Feb 3, 8am

(UK) GMT - Friday Feb 2, 9pm

(USA) EST - Friday Feb 2, 4pm

(USA) PST - Friday Feb 17, 1pm


Conference ends:

(Aust.) AEDT - Saturday Feb 3, 7:30pm

(UK) GMT - Saturday Feb 3, 8:30am

(USA) EST - Saturday Feb 3, 3:30am

(USA) PST - Saturday Feb 3, 12:30am




Use if you want to translate Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT) to your time zone.

8am (AEDT): Grace Ji-Sun Kim

10am (AEDT): Karen Gonzalez

12pm (AEDT): Lauren R.E. Larkin

2pm (AEDT): Brandi Miller

4pm (AEDT): Karl Hand

6pm (AEDT): James Bhagwan


Each time slot will run for an hour and a half - and includes a talk and Q&A. You can message questions through the Zoom conference software itself, or on twitter using #Jesus1224