Conference begins:

(Aust.) AEDT - Saturday Feb 18, 9am

(UK) GMT - Friday Feb 17, 10pm

(USA) EST - Friday Feb 17, 5pm

(USA) PST - Friday Feb 17, 2pm


Conference ends:

(Aust.) AEDT - Sunday Feb 19, 8:30am

(UK) GMT - Saturday Feb 18, 9:30pm

(USA) EST - Saturday Feb 18, 4:30pm

(USA) PST - Saturday Feb 18, 1:30pm




Use if you want to translate Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT) to your time zone.

9am (AEDT): Sally Douglas (Jesus and the Female Divine)

11am (AEDT): Tripp Fuller (How Jesus stuck it to the G-Unit)

1pm (AEDT): Mihee Kim-Kort (Church as Sanctuary)

3pm (AEDT): J.R. Daniel Kirk (Jesus: who we're meant to be)

5pm (AEDT): Seforosa Carroll (The Pacific Christ)

7pm (AEDT): Brooke Prentis (Is Jesus Aboriginal?)

9pm (AEDT): Cindy Brandt (Unfundamentalist Parenting)

11pm (AEDT): Helen K Bond (Why Was Jesus Crucified?)

1am (AEDT): Leah E Robinson (The American Jesus)

3am (AEDT): David W. Congdon (Finding Jesus Outside of Creedal Christianity) 

5am (AEDT): Emmy Kegler (Wounding Words: Loving Jesus But Fearing Scripture) 

7am (AEDT): Daniel José Camacho (Decolonising the White, Capitalist, Patriarchal Jesus) 

Each time slot will include a talk of approx. 40-50 minutes and then 30-40 minutes of Q&A which you can message in through the Zoom conference itself, or ask on twitter using #Jesus1224